Business Meeting Recap – November 1st – 2007

During the November 1st Meeting, our existing officers were elected for a second term unanimously. tomjackson

  • Gary Schreiber-President
  • Craig Zomchek-Vice President
  • Tom Przybyla-Secretary/Treasurer

All the members would like to thank the officers for their hard work this past year. 

Some excellent discussion took place regarding offering credited continuing education sessions in 2008 to help contractors get there much needed requirements out of the way.  The officers have agreed to discuss and present some ideas to the members in January. Please come to this meeting as your input would be great on what types of programs you’d like to learn about.

There are many reasons to join the Chicago Elevator Association. 

  • You can talk to other contractors about issues you’re facing
  • You can talk to suppliers and manufacturers about issues your facing.
  • You get to learn what’s going on in the City of Chicago and State of Illinois in regards to elevators.
  • It’s a fun night out, no matter how long a day you’ve had.

The Holiday Party will be a Maggiano’s In Oakbrook on Wednesday December 5th this year and we will have the same live entertainment as we did last year! Details to follow on the calendar of events page.  

Are you interested in serving the CEA on a committee? Please contact us via e-mail and we’ll put you in touch with the head of the committee. This association is all of ours and what we put into it is what we get from it. 

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