Elevators Catching On To Area Code Change

I found this article on the Beacon News Source. Please be aware of it if you have any service contracts in the Aurora Area. Also keep in mind that some phone numbers in the 708 area code require that the 708 prefix is dialed before the main number. Not all numbers are like this so make sure your emergency telephones are programmed properly.

December 9, 2007

AURORA — On one hand, there’s the inconvenience of dialing 11 digits since the October debut of the 630 area code’s new overlay code.

On the other hand, there’s the problem of getting stuck in an elevator with an inoperable phone because it didn’t know it had to dial “1-630.”

City officials are hoping to avoid the latter with a recent mass mailing to owners of buildings with elevators, reminding them that the emergency phones in the elevators have to be reprogrammed.

“It’s something we were made aware of after the fact,” Aurora Fire Marshal Gary Pozzi said of the overlay’s effect on elevator phones.

Since the 331 overlay arrived in October, requiring 630-ers to make their fingers do a little more walking, no elevator incidents have been reported, Pozzi said.

About 300 letters went out recently to the owners of approximately 500 elevators. It urges those with elevators to have the phones reprogrammed immediately to avoid fines associated with a failed inspections, or if an emergency does occur and the phone doesn’t work.

Herman Beneke, city director of buildings and permits, said the reprogramming “just has to be done.”

“Obviously, it’s something we’re concerned about,” he said.

According to the letter, “Failing to have a fully operational telephone in your elevator is a code violation for which a fine could be assessed even if no emergency situation arises.”

A city contractor does annual elevator inspections in February, while others take place throughout the year for new or remodeled elevators

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