Letter To Elevator Safety Board Sent

safetytest.jpgSpecial thanks to Dick Gregory who has been serving on the Elevator Safety Board and giving updates on meetings that have been held.  During the February CEA meeting Dick informed us that the next Elevator Safety Board meeting is scheduled for February 14th in Springfield.  Anyone who would like to share their comments and concerns with the board is welcomed to attend the meeting.

A motion was passed in which a letter be sent on behalf our state licensed contractor member’s of the Chicago Elevator Association to Mr. Robert Capuani before the meeting. This letter has been sent certified mail and a copy attached below.  In a nutshell the position that is outlined in the letter is to allow state-licensed QEI employees of state-licensed elevator companies to temporarily witness periodic hydraulic pressure testing until December 31st, 2008.  This would give the Elevator Safety Board more time in coming up with a solution to the lack of Elevator Inspectors available.

Thanks to Tom Jackson, Gary Schreiber, Craig Zomchek and Tom Przybyla for working on the letter and sending it out!

Click The Link To View The Letter That Was Sent: ceasafetytest.pdf

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