Upcoming November Meeting

Be sure to join us as we meet Thursday November 6th at Marcello’s. In addition to elections and end of the year business to discuss we will also have a presentation by SmartRise. A summary is noted below.

The slate for the 2008-2009 officers was presented and approved, Craig Zomchek – President, Tom Sybert – Vice President, Tom Przybyla, Secretary/Treasurer. Elections are next month so make sure you attend. Nominations can be presented from the floor if you are interested in running for any position.

Smartrise Presentation Outline
The presentation will be about:
1. Technology and design practice leading to serial based controller, with emphasis on technical aspects and safety issues 2. Tools for Diagnostics and best practice.
Gilbert Zogbi, CEO of Smartrise Engineering Gilbert, an Electrical and Computer Engineer graduate, has been in the design, development and production of microprocessor based elevator controller for over a decade.
With vast experience in the elevator controller sales and field engineering support, he co-founded Smartrise engineering, the leader in the manufacturing of open market elevator controllers.

Ali Ezzeddine
VP Business Development
Smartrise Engineering Inc.
Office 916-457-5129
Cell      916-709-5578
Fax      916-457-4948

We look forward to seeing you on the 6th! If you would like to attend please confirm by e-mailing Tom at partspec@flash.net .


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