Governor Signs SB149!

The Senate Bill 149 passed & the Governor signed it.  The important notes are in blue below!

Public Act 096-0054         Effective Date: 7/23/2009

The below is an extract of what is important.  Please take time to read the entire bill as there are changes on municipalities and third party inspections which are talked about in the full text version of the bill. Click here to view it. 

 (h) Notwithstanding anything else in this Section, the
following upgrade requirements of the 2007 edition of the
Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators (ASME A17.1) and the
2005 edition of the Safety Code for Existing Elevators (ASME
A17.3) must be completed by January 1, 2015, but the
Administrator or Local Administrator may not require their
completion prior to January 1, 2013:
        (i) restricted opening of hoistway doors or car doors
    on passenger elevators;
        (ii) car illumination;
        (iii) emergency operation and signaling devices;
        (iv) phase reversal and failure protection;
        (v) reopening device for power operated doors or gates;
        (vi) stop switch pits; and
        (vii) pit ladder installation in accordance with
    Section of ASME A17.1-2007.
    (i) In the event that a conveyance regulated by this Act is
altered, the alteration shall comply with ASME A17.1.
Notwithstanding anything else in this Section, the
firefighter's emergency operation, and the hydraulic elevator
cylinder, including the associated safety devices outlined in
Section 4.3.3(b) of ASME A17.3-2005, are not required to be
upgraded unless: (1) there is an alteration, (2) the equipment
fails, or (3) failing to replace the equipment jeopardizes the
public safety and welfare as determined by the Local


Administrator or the Board.    
    (j) The Administrator may choose to require the inspection    
of any conveyance to be performed by its own inspectors or by    
third-party licensed inspectors employed by the Administrator.    
(Source: P.A. 94-698, eff. 11-22-05; 95-573, eff. 8-31-07.    

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