CEA Educational Seminar Certificates Have Been E-mailed Out

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2011 CEA Educational Program on April 6th! Everyone who attended was e-mailed a certificate of completion on Friday April 15th.  If for some reason you did not receive your copy please send me a direct e-mail to tom.sybert@cjanderson.com and note that you did not get your copy.

Last year we had a few attendees with pretty aggressive spam filters that would not permit the attachment to go through. We do have all certificates on file for anyone whom might misplace theirs in the future.

It is your responsibility to send a copy to whomever you are re certifying with, i.e. the state you reside in,  EIWPF, NAESA, QEI Services.

Thanks to Dick Gregory for sharing his knowledge once again. There was a lot to talk about and a lot covered.

Tom Sybert
President – Chicago Elevator Association

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