CEA May 3rd, 2013 Meeting Update

Thanks to everyone who came out for the meeting at the Trademark in Lombard on May 2nd. Attendance was a packed house for this event, which made it a very enjoyable evening for all the members. If you have not seen the new CEA meeting news letter than send us an Email to receive a copy.

There was a presentation given by Elizabeth Scanlan, Director of Code Development, Department of Building, and Jason Cline, Project Manager, Department of Innovation & Technology, from the City of Chicago.


The topic was on the city’s AIC program. Beth and Jason’s insight on the programs elevator equipment Certificates, Inspections, Codes, Permits, and the programs knowledge, were appreciated by all the members in attendance. Everyone left this meeting with a clearer understanding of how the City of Chicago’s annual inspection program is progressing.

The Labor committee reported on the status of the work force, and it was very nice to hear the positive outlook from the past couple months. Ed Aubin Sr. Business Agent of Local 2, reported on the major enhancements to the training facility in Chicago Ridge. New welding and controller training area’s were just some of the improvements.

September’s meeting GAL will be presenting on their elevator equipment.   You don’t want to miss this world class presentation.

Mark your calendars for the next meeting on September 5th at the Trademark in Lombard.

CEA NEWS CREW 05/03/13

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